JMC Lutherie expands its activities to six European countries

5 April, 2016

JMC Lutherie expands its activities to six European countries

The JMC Soundboard is now available in France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Luxemburg.

JMC Lutherie is pleased to announce the expansion of its sales network to six European countries: France, Germany Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Luxemburg. Music lover are now able to obtain JMC Lutherie’s creations like the JMC Soundboard, the loudspeaker made out of tonewood, as well as the JMC Nomade and the JMC Acoustic Docking Station through several stores in these countries. The company based in the Vallée de Joux started this internationalization process last year, when it found an agreement with distributor JB House in Hong Kong.

‘After the consolidation of our Swiss network with almost 40 retailers representing our brand, we worked expanding internationally’, JMC Lutherie’s CEO Céline Renaud stated. ‘After opening Hong Kong to cover South East Asia, we are now represented in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Dornbirn, Austria. France, Belgium and Luxemburg will follow by the end of April, together with Germany. When this process has been terminated, we will focus on Italy and the Nordic Countries, as well as the USA.’

Piano Services Bart Boogaard in Amsterdam, Netherlands is now fully equipped with the JMC Lutherie objects. Located in the city center of the Dutch capital, it is a unique place for the creation of the lutherie of the 21st century. To present the JMC Soundboard, ‘Sound Tastings’ are scheduled in Netherlands on 21, 22 and 24 May 2016.

In France, JMC Lutherie partnered with L’AudioDistribution, a company specialized in high quality audio brands for almost 40 years. This distributor will also represent JMC Lutherie in Belgium and Luxemburg. JMC Lutherie appointed Kreil in Dornbirn as the first retailer in Austria earlier this year.

The network expansion comes at the same time with the next production stage of the JMC Nomade, released at the end of 2015. This portable Bluetooth loudspeaker is created as a musical instrument and associates the best of the traditional lutherie techniques and the modern technology. The new series of JMC Nomade, an independent battery operated sound system, is available now and perfectly reflects the brand philosophy of JMC Lutherie: transforming sound into music.