Sol Gabetta: ‘JMC Lutherie reinvented the way of listening to music’

7 March, 2016

Sol Gabetta: ‘JMC Lutherie reinvented the way of listening to music’

JMC Lutherie recently nominated the famous musician Sol Gabetta as its new ambassador. The cellist partners with the Swiss company that transforms sound into music through the JMC Soundboard and the other products created with the art of the 21st century Lutherie techniques.  ‘With the JMC Soundboard, JMC Lutherie reinvented the way of listening to music’, is the reaction of Sol Gabetta.

Sol Gabetta first experienced the JMC Soundboard on the occasion of one of her performances at the famous Menuhin Festival in Gstaad. She was introduced to the loudspeaker made out of tonewood by JMC Lutherie’s CEO and Founder Céline Renaud, when she participated in a private ‘Sound Tasting’. ‘Listening to the JMC Soundboard performing my favorite music is an extremely emotional experience’, was Sol Gabetta’s comment.

And emotion plays a key role in the life of the 34-years old cellist who performs on the best-known classical music scenes all around the world. Music is emotion, or even more precise, music equals emotion, according to Sol Gabetta. It is therefore no surprise that she is extremely driven when she speaks about music, her passion.

‘Music and emotion speak the same language’, says Sol Gabetta. ‘Without emotion sound or noise will never turn into music. Nowadays people take music, sound or noise in the wrong perception, especially because it is everywhere. People say quickly that a singing bird makes noise, but it is actually music.’

‘Music is like reading a book’, continues Sol Gabetta. ‘You need some tools to understand it, and you need to hear it over and over again to extract more details every time you hear it. Music can therefore be very complex and complicated, and you need to have some sensibility to completely explore it.’

Speaking about the JMC Soundboard, the flagship product of JMC Lutherie, Sol Gabetta is very enthusiastic. ‘It is amazing to see that someone is able to develop a loudspeaker with just a piece of wood and creates a natural element that transforms sound into music. This is an idealistic and futurist idea that changes the way of listening to music. The 70’s and 80’s were the years where technology improved. Now we are in the era that people go back to the source and the nature.’

 ‘I have more contact with wood than with people, as I play my cello hours and hours every day’, jokes Sol Gabetta. ‘Wood is a living element and I find it magical how a piece of wood can perform music in such an emotional way as the JMC Soundboard does. I love the philosophy of JMC Lutherie, turning sound into music. It adds emotion to what you are listening, thanks to the idealistic ideas of JMC Lutherie.’