7 July, 2015

JMC Lutherie partner of the Menuhin Festival Gstaad

JMC Lutherie is partner of the Menuhin Festival in Gstaad for the second consecutive year. You are warmly welcome on the JMC Lutherie area in the Festival Tent in Gstaad during the weekends from 14th August to 5th September 2015. Find the program here.

3 July, 2015

JMC Lutherie reinforces its position on the Swiss market

You can now enjoy a “Sound-Degustation” close to you in Switzerland.

Enjoy a “Sound-Degustation” and discover the world of the 21st Century Lutherie techniques directly at your audio partner in Switzerland. Here the complete list

9 November, 2014

The JMC Acoustic Docking Station now also in black and white!

The JMC Acoustic Docking Station is proving a great success
Now also available in black or white

Building on its success, the JMC Acoustic Docking Station with its refined, minimalist design, has become a must-have among fans of music on the move and who are looking for an emotion-filled musical experience. Keen to respond to the enthusiasm generated by this singular object that has become a key part of the collection, the JMC brand offers a new version available in three colours: natural, black and white. In keeping with the initial version, it is made from the exceptional Swiss spruce tonewood and not only ensures remarkable sound amplification but also a warmer, rounder and more accurate sound thanks to a frequency response that is improved by reinforced mediums. The Acoustic Docking Station thereby perpetuates the JMC mission: “From Sound to Music”. Delivered with five interchangeable foam pads, it adapts easily to the most common smartphones. Order now under or through our partners to secure your gifts for the holiday season.  


Reinterpreting lutherie is the daring challenge pursued by JMC Lutherie for the past decade or so. This innovative and avant-garde vision is making subtle inroads into the high-tech audio world, driven by a rare and time-honoured form of expertise along with a history nurtured by the inherent resources of the Vallée de Joux. An atypical brand within a fiercely competitive field, JMC Lutherie is establishing itself as a musical listening alternative offering resolutely different tones. Designed like real musical instruments, JMC creations are richly meaningful in terms of the pure and authentic emotions they stir and nurture.

7 November, 2013

JMC Acoustic Docking Station


An harmonious association between tonewood embodying 350 years of life and vibrations, centuries-old lutherie techniques and state-of-the-art technologies.

The JMC Acoustic Docking Station is a base or stand inspired by stringed instrument-making techniques to amplify and enhance the harmony of portable music produced by a smartphone or another small-sized source. The object is made out of resonance spruce from the Risoud Forest, world-renowned for its excellent responsiveness to vibrations. It is delivered in a box with 4 extra foam pads to ensure it can adapt to almost any phone.

The story of this ‘log’ begins in a secret location that shelters an authentic treasure: the ‘green gold’ of the stringed instrument-maker, 350 year-old resonance spruce known as tonewood, which is stored there to dry and stabilise over long years and even decade. This thin plank is intended to create the sounding board of a violin. The JMC Lutherie workshops produce guitars, Soundboards – the loudspeaker made out of tonewood – as well as various resonance bases and stands for striking watches… but no violins! Regular visits to check the piles of wood left to dry sparked the idea of using these quarter-sawn boards to showcase the acoustic and visual beauty of this amazing wood… to the delight of all music lovers. That is why the JMC Acoustic Docking Station is issued in a 350-piece limited edition.

The purpose was to associate the exceptional amplifying and vibratory qualities of resonance spruce with lutherie techniques and the laws of physics. The sound makes its way through a cavity snaking several times around either side of the ‘log’ and gradually flaring out like a trumpet. The result is truly spectacular: more volume, but also greater warmth, roundness and charm.

An iconic object from the JMC workshops single-handedly reflecting the brand’s mission to bring the lutherie art firmly into the 21st century and to transform sound into harmonious music around the world…

To order it, you just need to write us under Do not hesitate as it is a limited edition.

The tonewood is quarter-sawn, as can be clearly seen on the side of the JMC Acoustic Docking Station.

Moreover, the JMC Acoustic Docking Station comes with four extra foam pads with variously sized grooves designed to ensure it can adapt to most smartphones and small portable listening devices.

The sound makes its way through a trumpet-shaped corridor. The presentation shows the material that has been removed to hollow out the docking station.

The object bears the following printed inscription: “L’épicéa de résonance, c’est le coeur d’un arbre qui parle au coeur d’un home.” which means “Resonance spruce is the heart of a tree speaking to the heart of a man.”


30 April, 2013

The Soundboard in colors

Standard colours, reproductions on request like here with Lorenzo Pellegrini or collection of Marc J. Pasini.

Please feel free to visit the new Label Suisse Passion web site.

18 November, 2012

Transform noise or sound harmoniously into music!

At JMC Lutherie, we believe that music brings lot of happiness, color and warmth to live and this is why we put all our efforts so that we can listen and « taste » music on a musical instrument … Please feel free to aks for an offer.

The year 2012 was very rich with…

Hublot Collaboration

Large Press Review

Active Resonance Division

20 June, 2012

Hublot and JMC Lutherie launch the Soundboard All Black !

When Hublot and JMC Lutherie make beautiful music resonate together

Or when fusion inspires a Swiss luthier to join forces with a Swiss watchmaker

Hublot and JMC Lutherie have joined forces to launch a special series known as "Soundboard JMC All Black". For the first time, this soundboard, which offers exceptional, unique sound quality, is combining the high tech materials Nomex
ä and carbon with famed 350-year old Swiss spruce resonance wood.

The Swiss company JMC Lutherie, based in Vallée de Joux, inventor of the famous Soundboard, the spruce resonance wood speaker, has created a special series for Hublot which integrates woven carbon fibre and Nomex
ä honeycomb. The combination of a precious material such as 350-year old Swiss spruce tonewood harvested in the Vallée de Joux by the renowned tree feller with composite materials provides both beauty of sound and a high level of technical expertise.

This speaker, or rather, this work of art or even acoustic sculpture, allows music to be heard and felt at virtually the same volume across the entire open space thanks to its omnidirectional plane wave, just like a musical instrument. In fact, it is actually the membrane of the spruce tonewood starting to vibrate which literally "plays" the music, giving a real feeling of being at a concert or having musicians in the room. A base has been specially designed to facilitate installation and export to all countries.

This tonewood speaker combines the tradition of centuries-old traditional lute-making techniques and the latest audio technologies, validated at the EPFL technical university and the HEIG-VD engineering school. The result is perfectly in line with the concept of fusion which is so dear to Hublot.

Created at the request of Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot, it will enthral all enthusiasts and lovers of fine objects. With Hublot, Swiss spruce resonant wood shall resonate in the four corners of the world.


Press Contacts

JMC Lutherie SA
Céline Renaud
Director and Founder
PO Box 42
1348 Le Brassus / Switzerland
T +41 21 845 56 10
F +41 21 845 56 30
M +41 79 312 02 65 

Hublot SA
Marine Lemonnier Brennan
International PR Manager
Chemin de la Vuarpillière 33
Case postale 2464
1260 Nyon 2 / Switzerland
T +41 22 990 99 83
M +41 79 389 67 62

30 May, 2012

A tous les mélomanes - les RICHVJ, un rendez-vous unique à ne pas manquer !


Les Rencontres Internationales des Chœurs d’Hommes Vallée de Joux RICHVJ, c’est dans moins d’un mois ! Avez-vous déjà votre place ?

Une programmation sublime avec des chœurs prodigieux pour cette 3ème édition des Rencontres Internationales des Chœurs d’Hommes RICHVJ organisée par la Chorale du Brassus. Cette nouvelle édition des RICHVJ aura lieu à la Vallée de Joux les 15, 16 et 17 juin 2012.

Le programme 2012 est tout simplement splendide et ce sont les chœurs magnifiques russes, croates, allemands, italiens et basques qui nous feront le plaisir de présenter leur répertoire très varié durant 3 jours. Outre le fait de passer des journées mémorables et riches en émotion avec une très forte affluence, le but est également de dépoussiérer l’image un peu trop ancienne ou trop folklorique de l’art choral masculin.


« Un homme qui chante est un homme heureux » nous répète Roger Guignard, choriste et journaliste. C’est ce que nous verrons et il est clair que ce bonheur sera transmis à un public venu en nombre de Suisse romande, de Suisse allemande et de France voisine. Alors faites passer le message !

Visiter le site web ou suivez-les sur Facebook

Vallée de Joux Tourisme T +41 21 845 77 17 ou

Forfait spécial Hôtel Les Horlogers Le Brassus

Chœurs présents
- La Chorale du Brassus / Suisse
- Klapa Vestibul de Split / Croatie
Chœur d’hommes de l’Académie d’Etat Pédagogique de Carélie - Russie
- Otxote Lurra du Pays-Basque / France
- amarcord d’Allemagne
- La Rupe d’Italie
Programme complet ici

Ecoutez l’interview du comité des RICHVJ sur Espace 2 dans l’émission « Chant libre » du 27 mai 2012 à 19 heures avec Jean-Pierre Amann. Site de l’émission

8 May, 2012

Après l’immense succès l’année dernière, découvrez les Week-ends « Découverte de la Vallée au bois résonnant »

En collaboration avec
L’Hôtel Les Horlogers au Brassus et
Vallée de Joux Tourisme

Séjour découverte « La Vallée au bois résonnant »

Du samedi 1er au dimanche 2 septembre 2012
Du samedi 29 au dimanche 30 septembre 2012
Du samedi 13 au dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Le bois de résonance et les morilles sont deux richesses naturelles du Risoud ; à la différence que les morilles sont bien plus faciles à trouver ... Partez à la recherche de l’or vert en compagnie du cueilleur d’arbre et du garde-forestier tout en découvrant la magie de la Forêt du Risoud. Goûtez aux plaisirs d’une table authentique et relaxez-vous pendant une pause bien-être dans l’espace détente lors de votre séjour à l’Hôtel Les Horlogers. Eveillez vos 5 sens durant ce séjour mémorable. 

1er jour
- Accueil avec café, croissants
- « Dégustation de son » chez JMC Lutherie SA
- Promenade en forêt avec le cueilleur d'arbres
- Pique-nique en forêt (organisé par L’Hôtel des Horlogers)
- Apéritif et repas, accord des mets et des vins au Restaurant Le Chronographe des Horlogers
- Nuitée avec petit-déjeuner et libre accès au SPA à l’Hôtel des Horlogers
2ème jour
- Programme libre

Dès CHF 330.- par personne selon catégorie chambre

Informations et réservations
Hôtel Les Horlogers Philippe Guignard
Route de France 8
CH - 1348 Le Brassus
T +41 21 845 0 845  

16 April, 2012

Le Soundboard présent à l’expo Prim’Vert sur le stand de Martigny Design Group

Vous êtes cordialement invité à l’exposition
Sur le stand de Martigny Design Group
Du 26 au 29 avril 2012
Au CERM de Martigny
Ce groupe réunit des entrepreneurs et des artistes d’exception,  autour de design, de technicité et de synergie commune.
Le Soundboard sera présent dans un magnifique écrin transparent et translucide.
Invitations à disposition auprès de