21 November, 2010

The "Label Suisse Passion" is born

On last 28 October 2010 was launched the “Label Suisse Passion” which brings together 4 entrepreneurs. This label was born from a common desire and a common love for authenticity. Authenticity of the persons, authenticity of products and authenticity of the approach. All these products have a profound meaning, a story behind, an anchor into this territory and very deep roots. The aim is to convey an image of excellence, with values common to the founders.

17 July, 2010

The Tree Gatherer - Book and DVD now available !

Perhaps you have had a chance to glance through the “Tree Gatherer" book, with pictures by the gifted photographer Anne-Lise Vullioud and texts by Gil Pidoux? Or perhaps have you seen the film "The Tree Gatherer" directed by Steven Artels for the "Passe-moi les Jumelles" TV program on the TSR channel? This book and the film complete with bonus are now available together. You can order them at the price of CHF 79.- (book and DVD) by sending an e-mail to or by contacting the author herself at